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Methodius Hayes's journal

Theology, literature, missiology

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Methodius Hayes
13 April
An Orthodox deacon, missiologist, freelance editor, writer and researcher and a superannuated wannabe beatnik.

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africa, african culture, african independent churches, african theology, aic, aics, alan garner, alan paton, albania, alexander schmemann, anarcho-syndicalism, anglicanism, anthropology, anti-authoritiarianism, anti-war, balkans, beat culture, beat generation, beatniks, beats, berdyaev, bob dylan, bonhoeffer, british history, brothers karamazov, c.s. lewis, celestials, charles williams, chesterton, children's literature, childrens literature, christian history, christian mission, christian pacifism, christian socialism, christianity, church history, coinherence, communitarianism, conflict resolution, copyediting, counterculture, crime and punishment, cross-cultural ministry, cry the beloved country, culture, dharma bums, diaconate, dionysius the areopagite, dogma, eastern orthodox christianity, eastern orthodox church, eastern orthodoxy, eldila, elidor, english, english history, episcopi vagantes, ethiopian churches, etymology, fantasy literature, fantasy novels, folk music, fools for christ, freedom, g.k. chesterton, genealogy, gilbert keith chesterton, herero, historic places, history, holy fools, horror, iconography, indian food, inklings, interreligious dialogue, j.r.r.tolkien, jack kerouac, kerouac, kierkegaard, kwazulu, liberalism, liberation, literary biography, literary fantasy, literature, liturgy, liturgy of the hours, lord of the rings, madeleine l'engle, mandela, media and culture, missiology, mission methods, monasteries, monasticism, monks, myth, mythology, mythopoeia, names and naming, namibia, narnia, narrative theology, new religious movements, noam chomsky, orthodox, orthodox christianity, orthodox church, orthodox theology, orthodoxy, pacifism, peace, phil rickman, pilgrims of the absolute, polycarp, racial reconciliation, radical orthodoxy, reconciliation, religion, revolutionary orthodoxy, schmemann, social justice, soteriology, south africa, st. kosmas aitolos, stationery, tarot, that hideous strength, the 60s, the beat movement, the inklings, the space trilogy, theology, tolkien, tom lehrer, trains, trolley buses, trolleybuses, urban monasticism, virulent nationalism, vivid childhood fantasies, witchhunts, writing, zionist churches

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